“The primary purpose of reiki is not only self-healing but
development of already existing natural skills, reaching the
balance on physical, spiritual and emotional level.
The result is attained state of happiness”


Mikao Usui


All of us aspire to happiness and the happiness itself is an internal state, coming from inside, not outside of our being. Achieving absolute harmony leads to the feeling of happiness, regardless life circumstances and anything coming from our immediate environment. Everything points to the fact that we ourselves are the center of our happiness; hence, the search for happiness should start from our inner being, from us ourselves. This is the only possible path.

Everything that creates the sense and feeling of happiness, comes from the state of harmony reached within one’s own being and, consequently, with outside world.

Reiki helps us reach mind-spiritual-body oneness, leading human being further to harmonization attained in all levels of existence.

reikiReiki is probably the oldest method applied for the cause of health condition improvement. It is based on the skill of channeling the Universal life energy, aiming to increase significantly the capacity of vital energy, strengthening a body’s congenital immune defensive capacities -all of which contributes towards better quality of life.

The feeling of deep relaxation, peace and security overwhelms the whole being.

A Reiki method has no side effects and it cannot be used for negative purposes. Adults may absorb only 5% of necessary universal life energy. Reiki treatment establishes normal energy flow and balance. A couple of treatments exceed expectations and health-related results.

Reiki method has been integrated into contemporary medical procedures and it is officially practiced parallel to standard medicine in many developed countries.

The Ministry of Health of Serbia has recognized Reiki as a tool to promote human health, contributing towards healing and recovery when applied concurrently with contemporary medical procedures.


  • Prolongs vitamin-related effect and improves absorption thereof
  • Eliminates body waste, toxins and other harmful substances from the body
  • Constipation relief
  • Contributes to stress-free condition, eases off, brings quick relaxation and peace
  • Helps release insomnia
  • Regulates body temperature
  • Prevents occurance and development of depressive mood
  • Facilitates the treatment for addictions, such as: smoking, alcohol and drug abuse, excessive food consumption
  • Establishes the balance of body and mind
  • Etsablishes and brings the state of emotional harmony
  • Balances left-brain and right-brain hemispheres
  • Enhances the ability to concentrate and memorize
  • Significant feeling of positive energy and optimism
  • Raised level of awareness
  • Significant increase in intuition
  • Strongly encourages self-realization, development of existing and discovering new skills
  • Develops traits such as: compassion, self-love, self-acceptance, love of life, a deeper understanding of self and others, love for the environment and all living beings
  • Increases social adaptability
  • Improves the energy quality of food and water, clearing them from heavy metals and toxins
  • Creates a pleasant, positive biofield around a person, increases charisma and attraction
  • Protects human biofield from impact of negative energy
  • Establishes harmony in interpersonal relationships
  • Raises positive vibrations in living and working envirionment and heals space
  • Creates a climate that enables relaxed and friendly communication, regardless circumstances
  • Attracts positive opportunities and success both in one’s business and private activities
  • Facilitates achievement of positive goals
  • Encourages body’s natural ability to self-heal and employs its all capacities for that purpose
  • Reiki treatment has a powerful preventive effect
  • Enhances immunity
  • Increases vitality
  • Rejuvenates
  • Extends life expectancy
  • Protects body from side effects of drugs, anesthesia and chemotherapy
  • Promotes drugs-related effects
  • Speeds up a healing process


It is believed that the principles of Reiki, thousands of years old, are the secret recipe for happiness and miraculous cure of all diseases. Their respect ensures the preservation of hygiene thoughts and emotions, whose quality is reflected in the health status of the man and the circumstances of his life.

Mikao Usui, creator of Reiki has created the famous five principles, which he considered important:


  1. Today, expect the best!
  2. Today I rejoice everything!
  3. Today I am grateful for everything!
  4. Today I work honestly and on myself!
  5. Today I am kind and benevolent to everyone!