DermaOXY – OXYGEN TREATMENTA Danish anti-ageing treatment

DermaOXY oxygen behandling

A Danish anti-ageing treatment

DermaOXY’s oxygen concept is designed to work together with the skin. There is high focus on selecting ingredients that work together with the natural processes, in order to make a lasting difference to the health, moisture and structure of the skin. We select raw materials that have a proven anti-ageing effect, focusing on the reduction of wrinkles and lines and hydration to achieve a generally healthier skin.

– An effective and safe anti-ageing treatment, with no injections.

How does it work?

The oxygen treatment takes advantage of clean air under high pressure and vacuum to push nourishing and effective ingredients deep into the underlying skin layer dermis – where they can really take effect and counteract signs of ageing.

Our skin is resistant to exogenous substances, which makes it very difficult for creams and serum on their own to get further than the upper skin layer – epidermis. This is why more force is needed in order to transport the active ingredients in the DermaOXY serum into the dermis, and why the oxygen treatment is so effective.

The DermaOXY serum containing all the anti-ageing ingredients is pushed through the epidermis and into the dermis. This serum contains a variety of active anti-wrinkle components such as Hyaluronic acid- which hydrates the skin and Retinol helps to stimulate cell renewal.

Afterwards the active ingredients are massaged even deeper into the skin and down to the bottom of the dermis, using airflow with a 90% oxygen concentration. The high oxygen concentration activates the serum components and their anti-ageing effect, as well as the skins ability to absorb them. This ensures penetration and results in a visible reduction of wrinkles and fine lines, within just 20 minutes after treatment.

Wrinkle formation?

The top layer – the epidermis, is the skin’s protective surface, but the structure and strength of the skin lies within the underlying layer – the dermis. The dermis is a compact skin layer which primary components are:
– Collagen – that gives the skin its strength and structure
– Elastin fibers – which are accountable for the skins elasticity and resilience.

With age the amount of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid in the dermis skin layer decreases, as the production rate of these is gradually reduced after the age of 25.
– The skin loses its strength and density because of a lack of collagen fibers
– Elastin fibers become less springy and rigid – the skin’s elasticity is weakened
– The skin’s ability to moisturize and hydrate itself, deteriorates due to a lack of hyaluronic acid.

DermaOXY anti ageing effect

Effect of the oxygentreatment:

– Stimulates collagen production
– Nourishes elastin and increases skin elasticity
– The active ingredients are transported to the lower skin layer through a clean airflow
– Maintains and restores the skin’s moisture balance, by adding new hyaluronic acid
– Visible results 20 minutes after the treatment.

Anti-ageing treatment program

To really counteract the signs of an ageing skin, it is advised to partake in a dermaOXY treatment program over 6 weeks – the amount of treatments and interval depends on the condition and type of your skin.