Endermologist center LPG is the first officially opened center in Serbia and Montenegro. It specializes in cellulite and fat sediments removal and body reshaping. The results of the center are closely monitored by LPG center experts in France and with the consent and approval of the FDA.

In addition to this our center is the exclusive representative of ACTHYDERM the unique device for mesotherapy without using needles, as a leader product it opened the market for mesotherapy in Serbia. It is used in cosmetics for face rejuvenation, treatment of hyperpigmentation, meso–hair against hair loss. The latest method of acne treatment, cellulite, melting of fat sediments…

LPG center in Belgrade in 2010 said the original concept of Medical Spa that combines elements of traditional, complementary medicine such as Reiki and aromatherapy with modern instrumentation such as mesotherapy Achthyderm camera without the use of needles and Endermology in programs for renewal, rejuvenation of body and improving the structure of the skin of the face and thus significantly contributed to improving the quality of life of their clients.

“Think of the time of their skin”


Prize winner

Wellness Award 2010 in the category of Medical Spa

Along with Paris, New York, Hollywood and Rome, Belgrade with its endermologist center is also included in the family of LPG-centers, there benefits of these effective, comfortable and pleasant methods can be used, for which our LPG center licensed by the LPG systems.