A revolutionary skin rejuvenation treatment in three steps using the ELOS technology, which combines optical energy and bi-polar radio frequency.

The first step – treatment of pigmented and vascular changes. Pulsed light is transmitted to the skin and removes clearly capillaries, pigmentation, sun spots and other irregularities on the skin.

The second step – tightening of the skin. Combining the effects of pulsating infrared light and bi-polar radio waves coming to the immediate contraction of existing collagen fibers, resulting in a visible tightening of the skin.

The third step – the treatment of wrinkles. Fractioned by applying radio waves to stimulate the synthesis of new collagen-elastic structure and achieves continuous improvement of the quality of the skin. Wrinkles are filled, and the skin becomes tight and smooth.

This revolutionary treatment involves a series of three to five treatments, which are repeated three to four weeks.

Laser facial rejuvenation is an innovative non-invasive method that provides immediate, visible and lasting results.
  • Laser for skin rejuvenation: face, neck, decollete
  • Removal of pigmented spots and areas
  • Removal of scars and acne scarring
  • Treatment of acne-prone skin e
  • Treatment and removal of capillaries
  • Cuperose skin treatment
  • Removal of stretched skin and scarring
Lasersko podmlađivanje lica

Laser facial rejuvenation


Laser rozacea

Laser Rosacea


Laser lica

Laser facial