Melting of localized collections of fat

Characteristics of fat cells are such that their number and formation is genetically predetermined (weight is not predetermined). Therefore, the fat cells, unlike the majority of cells in other tissues, cannot multiply. Fat cells can only overgrow and get enlarged or they can become smaller, depending on the ammount of fat in the organism. That’s the reason why some people gain weight faster than other, or get collections of fat accumulated at certain parts of their body. Apart from genetic factors, there are other factors which cause the process of fat accumulation, such as diet and physical activity, i.e. the amount of energy a person burns during the process of physical activity.

Melting of localized collections of fat on the stomach, hips, knees, correction of double-chin, lipomas.
For melting of collections of fat, we use coctails which peform lipolysis, based on lipolytic effect of caffeine or lipostabil phosphatidylcholine