Manual massage

  • Aroma-therapy and the whole body massage
  • Aroma-therapy and face massage
  • Relax massage of the whole body
  • Relax partial massage, Sports partial massage
  • REIKI massage – the miraculous power of touch

REIKI is an ancient eastern method of healing with the touch. It is recognized by the Ministry of Health of Serbia as a method which can improve people’s health.

The term REIKI originates from two words, REI- divine and KI – energy. The concept of divine power, universal life energy, energy of the Holy Spirit, energy of the Universe is named differently in different cultures, but it always refers to the energy of the environment, plants, minerals, earth, water, etc. … Adults are able to absorb only 5% of the necessary Universal life energy, which affects the quality of life. With the help of REIKI treatment normal energy balance can be established.

By gently laying palms on the person’s body, Reiki therapist conducts energy to the places where it is needed the most.  It eliminates the stress and energy blocks and brings the genuine healing of the body and the soul. Effects on human health after several treatments are more than satisfactory.