Nutritionism stregthens the organism!

Put your diet to dieting!


Regardless the outcomes obtained- forget “Cosmopolitan” diet tips and anything you have tried so far. Not even the diets, proved to be helpful and beneficial ones for movie stars, are the ones you should embark to. Resort to long-term effects and a healthy approach to an important segment of our lives. It is the only right path to desired physical condition and the essence of a good health status.

Once you ask for an advice, the professional team of LPG Endermological Center will tailor a program to meet your individual weight loss goals and/or body-reshaping strategy.

Starvation-free correct nutrition, help you reach fantastic results in a short time.

Nutritional examinations and counseling on healthy nutrition include:

  1. Measuring the percentage of fat
  2. Determining the BMI on the basis of four parameters
  3. Determining the ideal body weight
  4. Proper nutrition recommendations
  5. Examination of the skin and determining the extent and condition of cellulite
  6. Face examination – determining the type and condition of the complexion
  7. Recomendations for professional treatments and home care
  8. Answers to all your questions about skin, hair or body problems.


So who is crazy enough to starve, count calories and eat cabbage soup?