It concerns a device with a variety of purposes in cosmetics, dermatology, esthetic surgery, physical medicine and pain  therapy, homeopathy, fitness and wellness programs. Mode of action of this device can best be explained with the term “syringe without needle” or rejuvenation without needles or scalpel, method without pain and risk of infection. Basically this device works on the principle of electroporation and electrrepulsion.These principles were discovered and improved in Italy three years ago and as brand new in the field of the biological science are as such approved by the FDA.

With the use of electroporation, channels on the surface of the skin are opened, through which large molecules and even genes can pass. Bioactive molecules such as collagen, hyaluronic acid, choline phosfadil are inserted through the skin. Until now, this part of the skin represented a barrier to the penetration of active therapeutic substances.

Under normal conditions the skin absorbs about 10 % of inflicted  ingredients, and using ACTHYDERMA that percentage rises up to 90% and for the skin care products, plat extracts, and amino acids ACTHYDERM provides maximum skin renewal and helps with the creation of new collagen.

Acthyderm is the biggest achievement in the field of so called “ Transdermal Drag Delivery”. It uses a unique substances into deeper layers of the skin. Wrinkled and loose skin, tense muscles and cellulite may occur due to disturbances in the deep derma and hypoderm, which can be removed by penetrating the deep layers of the skin and through tissue regeneration with nutrients and compounds that stimulate “fibroblast”. Therefore, this technology is a safe replacement for the needle.

This treatment is completely painless, doesn’t take a long time, it is simple, with no complications, and it is very comfortable for both, the patient and the therapist.

With the use of Acthyderm we insert  cocktails in the region of double chin on the basis of L- carnitine, caffeine, focus, bitter orange, green coffee, guarana… that successfully melts fat and strengthen the skin of the double chin.


The most advanced method of skin rejuvenation and cell nutrition is called mesotherapy without using needles by Acthyderm (method without pain, swelling and risk of infection).

Under normal conditions skin absorbs about 10 percent of inflected ingredients, by using Acthyderm that percentage rises up to 90 percent which provides maximum recovery of all skin layers and creation of new collagen and elastin.

Hyaluronan is a substance naturally found in skin giving the skin strength and firmness, unfortunately over the years that substance wears off. The essence of the treatment is to recover hyaluronic acid and have youthful and natural look.

ARGIRELIN – substitute for botox, relaxes the muscles that are responsible for creating wrinkles.
Purpose of the treatment primarily is the disappearance of wrinkles and rejuvenation. Our face is the most beautiful part of our body, so take care of it regularly and properly.



What is hyaluronic acid?

Hyaluronic acid is a substance contained in the human body as the most important part of the connective tissue and cartilage. It affects all functions of connective tissue and provides rejuvenation of cartilage area in joints. In the cosmetic industry hyaluronic acid is interesting because it stimulates production of collagen and elastin, the more hyaluronic acid there is in our body our joints will function better and the skin will be more elastic.

It was named after Greek word “hyalos” which means glass – because it resembles glass.

With the use of Acthyderm it is possible to infiltrate hyaluronic acid in to the deeper layers of the skin with purity of 99,99 % .
AS A RESULT – Skin is tight, well fed, healthy looking and rejuvenated.


Mesotherapy without needles with the use of Acthyderm device deeply refreshes smoking and dry skin. Based on the use of „vitamin C cocktails“ as the strongest antioxidant.

It improves the skin immune system – it neutralizes free radicals, reduces redness and makes skin look whiter. Smoking skin becomes more natural, strengthens blood vessels, and removes stains.

Vitamin C is necessary for the synthesis of the collagen which provides the skin with strength and health.

Oxygen is by far the most abundant element in nature. It is essential for life for majority of organisms and it is the source of life on Earth. It impacts on our entire life – food, physical and spiritual activities, including all our immediate envirionment. Inhalation of fresh oxygen is not only beneficila for the skin, but for the whole body as well, since it delivers nutrients to the smallest cell in the body.

Aging is a continuous process of diminishing of metabolic and defensive cellular functions, the functions of the tissue and organ systems. Afore-said appears as the consequence of a reduced rate of oxygen transport, caused by narrowed blood vessels. That’s why we say “we are of age of our blood vessels”.

Our youthfull-looking and fresh glowing complexionare largely owed to genetics and oxygen nutrition. Oxygen decomposes old cells and regenerates subcutaneous cellular tissue which results in wrinkles correction all over your face and neck, “baggy” under eyes reduction, smoothing and firming the skin thanks to stimulation of cell metabolism.

Active-oxygen masks, via outer skin layers, insert effectively oxygen into deeper layers of skin.They proved to be particularly beneficial in treatment of devitalized, tired, “smoker’s skin” that is of specific color. Oxygen treatments are commonly referred to as cosmetic “magic wand” by which the traces of fatigue, aging and dehydration are eliminated within a minute. Oxygen therapy is applicable to all skin types – ranging from healthy to a problematic one.

This treatment helps get rid of free radicals, provides detoxification, protects skin and gives an instantly fresh and healthy outlook. Tired and grayish skin, lacking glow – skin that does not “breathe” and cries for regeneration and detoxification is an indication for oxygen treatmen. This line is interesting for each client since free radicals appear everywhere, any time of a year. Oxygen treatment allows for skin to breathe again, detoxifies, exerts protective function and regenerates.

For long-lasting effects it is recommended in series of 4-6 treatments or a one-time remedy as a “blitz therapy” in special occasions to get your glow tan.

Acne is a chronic inflammatory disease of phylosebacely units, especially visible on the face, chest and back.

Approximately 80 % of the population between 12 and 24 years of age have acne.

Mental problems develops in about 70% of adolescent population and 1 % of men and 5 % of women with acne between 25 and 40 have need for acne treatment.

Pathogenesis of the disease is not completely understood.

Primary factors:
Increased activity of sebaceous glands, hyperseborrea
Pholycular keratin disorder

Secondary factors:
Hyperproliferation of Propionbacteruim acnes
Pholycular inflammation and immunological response

Categorization of acne:
According to the type, number and location of the lesion, presence of scars.

Type I (mild)
Only using “comedons”, not more than 10 on the face, without scars

Type II (moderate)
“Papules”, 10- 25 on the face and the body, mild scars

Type III (moderate)
“Pustules”, more than 10 lesions, moderate scars

Type IV (serious)
Extensive scars, cysts and nodules

Acne have mild physiological process in 70% of cases.

In about 30% of cases the disease is serious acute or inflammatory chronic.

Patients with milder type of acne disease are treated with local therapy only and serious cases involve appropriate system therapy.


Acne is a complex pholyetiological disease of certain population.

Acne may have serious effect on the outlook and psyche of the patients.

An individual approach to each clients treatment is required.


Mesoporation is a modern method of painless and permanent solution of acne problems.
This method consists of the application of active substances that reduce the inflammatory process.


Virtual mesotherapy-mesoporation uses electromagnetic waves and it works on the principle of electroporation ( that opens pores of the skin) and electrorepulsion or transdermal implementation of active substances into the deeper parts of the skin.


Treatments are carried out once or twice a week during the period of 2-5 weeks in depending on how severe is the degree of acne.
The treatment takes about 30 minutes, it is very pleasant and effective.


It is only possible with the device ACTHYDERM to treat the skin with acne in a painless and effective way.
The results are: healthy, clean, smooth and hydrated skin without scars and redness, skin tone is significantly better.